Project Description

ActivBeats™ by WBD101 is a fitness tracker apps that track the cardiovascular activities such as Running, Jogging, Cycling (Indoor) and Cycling.

It tracks your activities including distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned & heart rate) and can share your results to social media.

Heart Rate Zone tracking allows you to maintain your exercise intensity to keep within the Fat Burn Zone, Muscle Build Zone or the Anaerobic Zone, so as to either get the maximum exercise benefit or avoid over exertion.

The uniqueness of this mobile app includes the Heart Rate Zone tracking and VO2max testing.

Major Features

BLE Connection

The ActivBeats mobile app connecting with ActivBeats ear pod via BLE connection. The heart beat data will be instantly analyzed by the mobile app during a workout, the app will alert runner if his or her heart beat rate is too high.


Like other running tracking apps, ActivBeats also provide instant GPS tracking and recording during a workout. The location data will together display with heart beat data, the user can then analyze the performance of each workout.

Music and Voice Over

ActivBeats mobile app is able to control music playback and constantly report the heart rate of the runner.

Data on the Cloud

All the workout data including GPS and heart beat will be stored in a secure cloud platform. Every user can review anytime his or her past record of each workout.

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